Wearing a school uniform sets the proper tone to begin each new day. It solves the daily "What should I wear?" dilemma, which makes for a smoother morning routine. Uniforms help to encourage a productive group/class environment. They allow the focus to be placed on academics, rather than competing for the latest trends among peers. Uniforms promote modesty and proper behavioral conduct, which honors God and others. They help prepare students for their future careers. Students learn to present a neat, tidy and professional appearance. Little Acorns Pre-K are not required to wear uniforms.

Uniforms can be purchased through Lands' End. You must have our school code (given at enrollment) to create an account before shopping Mighty Oaks Cottage School personalized product website.

Code of Conduct

As we seek to honor God & others and strive to maintain a suitable learning environment, students and staff are expected to adhere to the Christian standards of behavior set forth in our statement of faith. Affirmations are as follows:

  1. I will comply with the Christian standards of behavior in my actions, my attitudes and my speech.
  2. I will promptly, cheerfully and respectfully respond in obedience to the authority under which I am placed.
  3. I will act in accordance with Christian character, personal integrity and commit to only speak truth.
  4. I will seek to build others up through encouragement, courtesy, consideration, comfort and forgiveness.
  5. I will remember that we are guests of Grace Chapel. Therefore, I will maintain a respectful and grateful attitude toward the church personnel and property. I will not go into areas that are off-limits.
  6. I will practice self-control & keep my hands, feet and objects to myself. 
  7. I will not chew gum on campus. 
  8. I will treat MOCS's/Grace Chapel's materials and facilities with care and respect. 
  9. I will clean up after myself.
  10. I will not bring any toys, cell phones, technology or electronics to MOCS.

"Character is like a tree & reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." Abraham Lincoln