Who we are

Who we are

We are parents and grandparents who have come together out of a deep concern for what has transpired in our educational system (private & public) over the past few years. We recognize that truth is under attack in our culture and the target is the heart, mind and souls of our children. It has become evident that those we depended on to safeguard our children, have instead faltered, allowed deception to reign and have attempted to undermine and usurp our God ordained stewardship. According to scripture, we are called to protect those who have no voice and defend the rights of those who are defenseless.

Parents, who undoubtedly have their children's best interests at heart, now consider it vital to reclaim the mission of education through homeschooling. We understand that this is a high calling and that it may require the help and support of others in the community who are of like mind.

Mighty Oaks was established as a nonprofit educational support to parents who have courageously endeavored to educate their children within the home. We seek to serve traditional, committed Christian families who are striving to walk in accordance with God's Word, following the guidelines set forth in scripture. 

We currently serve Kindergarten thru 8th grade. We meet: 

  • Tuesday 8:30-2:30
  • Thursday 8:30-2:30

what is a cottage school

Mighty Oaks Cottage School is a hybrid approach to education. It is a unique blend of homeschool and private school. Families benefit from the structure of a private school, while still maintaining the flexibility and value of family centered homeschool. We provide the curriculum, supplies and teacher-designed lesson plans. Subjects include Bible, Math, History, Science, Language Arts and Literature. Mighty Oaks offers instruction in a classroom setting two days per week and the remainder of the assignments will be sent home for completion. Mighty Oaks is not an umbrella school. Each child must be registered with an umbrella school. Recommendations can be found on our "Resources" page. Parents are responsible for reporting their child's grades to the umbrella school of your choice.