Is Mighty Oaks Cottage School a co-op or a tutorial? 

MOCS is a hybrid tutorial. Knowledgeable instructors teach the lessons and provide assignments, which will be done in class Tuesday & Thursday. The remaining work will be sent home to be completed with the parents.

Do instructors keep track of and report grades?

No. Instructors will correct assignments and send them home with your student for record keeping. Parents, not instructors, are responsible for calculating and reporting grades along with attendance to your umbrella school or the state.

Does MOCS offer activities and events?

Yes! We were created for community & fellowship. We will provide several opportunities throughout the year for families to gather together. As a fun way to enhance our literary selections and bring the stories to life, each grade will celebrate with a themed event that corresponds to the books that they have read. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in all of our activities and events. Please see our calendar for more details.

How are students placed in a class? 

Our curriculum is based on specific grades. Therefore, in consultation with parents, children will be placed in a class that best matches their typical age range. 

Can parents volunteer?

Yes! You are welcome and encouraged to volunteer throughout the year! There will be many opportunities to serve on a daily basis, at one of our special events, holiday parties or as a room mom. Please see our calendar for more details.

Will students have the opportunity to attend Chapel?

Yes. Students, K-6 will attend Chapel every Tuesday. Parents are welcome to attend as well. Dress uniforms are to be worn every Tuesday.

Will I be bound by a contract?

No. We understand that our lives are ever-changing. If you cannot continue your commitment for some reason, we simply ask that you please give us a 30 day notice of withdrawal in writing (email is sufficient).